Statistical Analysis Intern - Replacements LTD

Company Description
Founded by Bob Page in 1981, Replacements, Ltd. (located in Greensboro, NC) has the world's largest selection of vintage and current dinnerware, crystal, silver and collectibles. Our 500,000 square foot facilities (the size of eight football fields!) house an incredible inventory of 12 million pieces in more than 400,000 patterns, some over 100 years old!

Replacements, Ltd. is an open, honest and safe environment that opposes discrimination of any kind. We’ve been recognized by the Human Rights Campaign Foundation as a leader in workplace equality. We’ve been voted as the Go Triads Readers’ Choice Best Place to Work.

Intern Responsibilities
-Measure the likelihood of a customer making a purchase in our key segments in the subsequent period.
-Measure the willingness to spend on a purchase based on past behavior.
-Using this data to test a target group of customers to evaluate conversion.
-Look at how we can use GA behavior data and tie it back to know customers to understand their purchase behavior, even if we don’t have their historic purchase behavior.
-This will help us in understanding potential customers and measure ourselves based on our existing customers. It will also help us in evaluating customer quality based on new acquisitions that will happen in the future.
-Clustering marketing campaigns to understand customer engagement and intent.
- Understanding customer behavior to effectively target them and generate more revenue.

Learning outcomes:
-Clearer understanding of statistical methodologies related to Clustering customers and products.
-Unified customer view based on Online and offline sales behavior.
-Decision tree implementation for identifying high revenue customers.
-Familiarity and understanding of Power BI tool for reporting purposes.

Pay Rate
$11.50 per hour
Flexible - 20+ hours per week


Start Date
End Date

Start / End date flexible?
Please note: all Fellows will attend the Leonard Kaplan Leadership Institute at the Center for Creative Leadership on either June 11 & 12, 2018 or June 18 & 19, 2018. If hired as an intern through the Fellows Program, you will attend one of the sessions in June.

Our organization is interested in hiring:
Undergraduate students

Our organization will consider hiring interns with the following work authorization:
U.S. Citizen or permanent resident

Majors Seeking
Marketing / Statistical Analysis / Data Scientist
Address of Internship location
1089 Knox Road, McLeansville, NC 27301 

Required Qualifications:
Strong analytical skills required: Able to present  findings and translate data into understandable document. Excellent critical thinking skills and attention to detail; able to identify, analyze, and interpret trends or patterns in complex data sets.

Work Environment
Cubiical type office, but very collaborative environment. You can bring your dog to work!
Additional Internship Perks
Casual dress, onsite arcade, etc.

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